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What is Jam club, who is jam club, first rule of Jam club?

You can’t keep saying it was recently and the put 2010. It’s not been quiet on the jam making front, just quiet on the website. Way too busy. anyway new blog and album soon of striped jam.

But what I don’t think you can possibly realise is just how much fun it is until you give it a go. How about this for a jam making update for the 21st century? What if jam making isn’t just the woman of the house quite literally slaving over a hot stove? What about if jam making is something exciting, something you can while away the hours with your friends or even making friends. That would be a great reinvention. It doesn’t matter if its too runny or hard as rubber, not really, worst comes to the worst buy some nice jam from the shop for a couple of quid if yours is truly rubbish, but I promise it won’t be, that first glistening jar will be brilliant because you and your friend, partner, potential girl/boyfriend, mum, dad, brother, sister made it with you and you’ll be that little bit closer to them, know a little bit more about them because Jam Club is much more than a jar of the sweet stuff.


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